A Mother’s Story About Her 15 Year Old Transgender Son

A mother wanted to share her story about her 15 year old son who wants a double mastectomy at age 16. He would have to have his parents’ permission for surgery until he is 18 years old. The mother describes the difficult decision she and her husband are facing, but they are open to listening to their son and his pleas for surgery.

Maxwell (Max), who used to be Margaret, started taking testosterone 6 months ago. It was hard for his mom to hear his voice deepening and see him become hairier, after starting his testosterone. Max at age 13 and 14 was so miserable that his parents agreed to his transition. With each new phase, he has gained more peace of mind.

Options for Tops Surgery

Surgery is another matter, but Max’s mom agreed to attend the “Gender Odyssey International Conference,” for gender-nonconforming people. What she learned surprised her. There was a slide show presentation giving an overview of the surgical options. Depending on the patient’s size, shape, and elasticity of skin, determines the most appropriate procedure. Among those described are:
• The double incision
• The keyhole
• Periareolar
• Inverted T
• Lollipop
• Buttonhole

Keyhole Procedure for Small Breasts

Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D. states that the keyhole procedure is an excellent procedure for patients who do not have large breasts. Since Max has small breasts, he is hoping he may be a candidate as it is less invasive.

Keyhole Tops Surgery in San Francisco

After the presentation, volunteers who had Top Surgery positioned themselves in groups by their specific procedure. Then all participants removed their shirts. Most young men looked like superheroes, and you would never guess they were biological females.

Max’s mom, like most parents, wants her child to have a happy, healthy life. It won’t be surprising if Max has surgery sometime in the near future.

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