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Female to Male FAQ

Q What does Miguel Delgado, M.D. charge for surgery? Does he accept health insurance?

Please reach out to us to for a complimentary procedural consultation, as payment varies based on the specific needs of our clients. We accept insurance as a form of payment should your plan cover treatment options. You can read more about Miguel Delgado’s finance options here.

Q How can I prepare for surgery?

Dr. Delgado will provide you with the best male contour to fit your natural physique. However, patients will need to provide full cooperation. During your pre-procedural consultation, the doctor will advise patients to refrain from drinking alcohol, caffeine and smoking for two weeks prior to top surgery. He will require patients to stop the usage of Aspirin and Ibuprofen.

Q How can I reduce the appearance of scarring?

Dr. Delgado advises all patients on the best techniques to use following their surgery. After the procedure is performed, Dr. Delgado will require silicone sheeting designed to minimize scarring or embrace scar treatment program. This is worn for roughly two months, unless it the skin does not tolerate it. The purpose is to remove tension off the incisions while delivering a minimal amount of pressure, which is useful in lessening your scarring. We recommend that you use sunscreen regularly and maintain a healthy diet to further promote healing of grafts.

Q Am I required to submit a letter from a psychologist prior to my surgery?

To remain in compliance with WPATH, Dr. Delgado requires all patients to submit a letter of consent from a mental health professional. The patient can send Dr. Delgado digital or physical copies of authorized documentation to meet requirements.

Q Can binding prevent me from being eligible for FTM surgery?

Dr. Delgado evaluates each patient based on their body type and physical requirements. While binding your skin might have a negative impact on the elasticity of your tissue, it has ultimately no impact on you being a candidate for top surgery. Should you have any sores or open wounds as a result of binding, these will need to fully heal prior to your procedure.

Q Is it safe to drive myself home following treatment?

Dr. Delgado requires you to have a ride home from the office, since your incisions may still be sore and the effects of anesthesia may not have fully worn off yet. We suggest you ask a family member or responsible person prior to your procedure to be with you for 24 hours for safety purposes.

Q Should I take time off from work?

For this procedure, time off will definitely be required. Female to Male chest surgery is an invasive procedure, you’ll need to rest for approximately seven to nine days prior to resuming normal activity. Dr. Delgado will provide you with a written note to give your employer. It is important to keep in mind heavy physical activity and excessive workouts should be avoided for six weeks following surgery.

Q What happens after my surgery?

After the treatment you may feel slight bruising, tingling and swelling around the incision areas. This is normal and generally subsides as you recover. Dr. Delgado will provide you with two of his specially designed compression vest to support the recovery process. We will supply patients with medication and antibiotics prior to leaving the office.

Q Become More Informed About FTM Reconstruction Surgery.

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