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Male to Female FAQ

Q Do I need authorization to get top surgery?

Dr. Delgado requires documentation from your gender therapist and/or psychiatrist before agreeing to administer your surgical procedure. The letter will need to confirm based on WPATH guidelines you’re ready to transition from male to female. We also ask for a letter from your primary doctor permitting surgery.

Q Silicone or saline implants?

Each procedure is specific to the client’s individual wants and needs. Dr. Delgado will discuss the option that’s best for you during your initial office visit. Many patients attest silicone implants tend to have a more natural feeling and appearance while saline implants look larger and can be amended in the future. Our silicone implants are composed of a silicone gel of various consistencies that are safe for your body. All implants are FDA approved.

Q Does top surgery make me prone to breast cancer?

We only administer safe procedures at our offices. This particular type of surgery has never been proven to contribute toward the risk of obtaining breast cancer. In order to remain safe, Dr. Delgado recommends transgender women receive appropriated mammograms following their procedure.

Q Is the procedure painful?

While slight discomfort is natural, most patients do not experience extreme pain after top surgery. If drains were inserted for your procedure you may experience extra sensitivity than normal. Refraining from strenuous activity, relaxation and ice compresses can help sooth your chest as you heal. Dr. Delgado offers patients a series of recovery instructions and pain medication following treatment to achieve the most pain-free recovery time possible.

Q Does MTF surgery result in an overnight hospital stay?

Our experienced staff takes extraordinary care of you while treating the procedure as an outpatient in order for you to go home afterward. We do require a follow-up appointment with Dr. Delgado post-procedure to ensure that patients are healing properly and in a timely matter.

Q Will the incision result in heavy scarring?

Dr. Delgado combines years of expertise and a steady hand to insert breast implants of various sizes with minimal scarring. Wearing silicone scar gel will significantly improve scarring and is used after the first stage of healing, which can be in 3-4 weeks. We recommend that you use sunscreen regularly and maintain a healthy diet to further promote healing of your implants.

Q How long should I request off from work?

After surgery you’ll need to take it easy so your new incisions are not aggravated and healing time can proceed as scheduled. We recommend our patients take off one to two weeks from light work or school to let their body rest. Refrain from heavy labor for at least four to six weeks so your body has time to heal properly.

Q What happens after surgery?

While many patients become engrossed in the aesthetic change resulting from breast augmentation, it’s imperative to remember this procedure additionally may induce a temporary loss in breast sensation. Keep in mind your breasts will feel different following gender surgery, but the sensation will subside shortly. However, a reversed problem being amplified nipple sensation has been reported in patients as well. This post-surgical side effect is typically a temporary issue resolving itself on its own in just a few weeks. Dr. Delgado provides patients with post-op instructions and requests that patients follow wound-care suggestions for proper healing.

Q Become More Informed About MTF Reconstruction Surgery.

Dr. Delgado is well aware the appearance of a woman’s breasts is centric to how she feels about many facets of life. If your goal is to look more feminine by way of a fuller and more voluptuous chest, please reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Delgado.

We’re here to help you prepare for top surgery It’s perfectly normal to have questions or feel anxious before any surgery. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or doubts before your top surgery. Our experienced team is here to help and provide reassurance as needed Virtual Consultations. Click to Learn More
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