Preparing for Your “Top” Surgery

Top Surgery in San Francisco

Getting ready for “top” surgery is an exciting time, being well prepared can make your recovery go smoothly. If you are in therapy, you should continue as you transition. It is important to eat healthy and exercise as you get ready for surgery. As your surgery date approaches, the following guidelines will help you know what to expect before surgery.

Pre-op 1 Month

If you smoke, you must stop now. Smoking interferes with healing and can cause complications. You need to wait 1 month after surgery before you resume, but hopefully, if you have stopped for 2 months you won’t start again!

Pre-op 2 Weeks

You will receive a detailed pre-operative information packet from Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D. that includes an extensive list of medications, vitamins and herbal supplements that you must stop taking at this point and also stop for 2 weeks after surgery. When you go to your pre-operative appointment, bring with you a list of all medications and supplements that you take for Dr. Delgado to review. At your pre-op visit with Dr. Delgado, you will be given prescriptions and a lab slip to have blood tests done. Have the blood test done right away so Dr. Delgado can see the results.

Pre-op 1 Week 

At this time you should have your prescriptions filled. Have your home ready for your recovery. You may want extra pillows, reading material, laptop, movies, etc. You can prepare foods ahead of time and freeze them to make mealtime easier. Have clothing available that is comfortable and opens in the front, not anything to pull over your head.

The Day Before Surgery 

Eat a well-balanced dinner, but remember not to eat or drink anything after midnight. Be well rested and get a good night’s sleep.

The Day of Surgery 

You may shower and wash your hair as usual, but do not use any creams, lotions or deodorant. Brush your teeth but be careful not to swallow any water. If you wear contacts leave them at home and wear glasses. Leave jewelry at home and do not bring any valuables. Have a responsible adult to take you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours.


If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call the office! (415) 898-4161.

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