State Funded Sex Change Surgery Approved for California Inmate

After a lengthy legal battle, a convicted killer, Shiloh Quine, was granted sex change surgery that is to be funded by the state of California. This is the first approval for sex-reassignment surgery for an inmate in the United States. The inmate was convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping, and robbery. Quine is serving life in prison with no possibility of parole.

This case will set a precedence for future inmates to apply for sex-reassignment surgery. The director of the Transgender Law Center, states institutions have ignored doctors for too long for what they believe to be medically necessary and lifesaving care.

California law states it is constitutionally required to provide inmates with necessary treatment for medical and mental health issues, including those diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

In California prisons, there are 475 transgender inmates. So far there have been 64 requests for transgender surgery. There are 2 male to female and 2 female to male that have been approved for surgery, and there are 13 inmates awaiting a decision. However, 51 inmates, which represent about 80% of the requests, have been denied.

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