Transgender Surgery Skyrockets 20% in 1 Year!

Transgender surgery in San Francisco

Boston Medical Center conducted a study of 99 transgender patients who were undergoing hormone therapy. The study collected data from years prior to 2015, before insurance companies were required to cover gender transition if it were deemed medically necessary.

Top Surgery Most Popular for Transgender Patients

Of the 99 patients, only 35% opted to have any type of gender surgery, and only 15% of those chose to have genital surgery. Transwomen mostly chose top surgery and facial feminization, and transmen mostly chose top surgery.

Before 2015 when the federal government mandated that insurance companies cover gender reassignment surgery, patients had to pay out of pocket and fees could run as high as $100,000 or more.

Insurance Coverage Spikes Gender Affirming Surgery

In 2014, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons started including gender reassignment surgery to their annual statistics. For 2016, the statistics showed a 20% increase over 2015 with 3,200 cases. The increase is attributed to celebrity transitions and insurance coverage. Experts believe the actual increase is much higher, but so far hospitals do not have a reliable way of documenting the surgeries.

The number of surgeons who perform gender affirming surgery has been increasing significantly to meet new demands. With insurance now available, the cost of surgery is much more affordable for many.

Special Training for Board Certified Surgeons

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons undergo specialized training to ensure patients the highest quality in safety and technique. Plastic surgeons many times will partner with other doctors such as mental health professionals and specialists in hormone therapy to help patients transition through the emotional aspects.

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