When Insurance Doesn’t Cover Your Tops Surgery


Getting a loan in San Francisco

Will Insurance Pay?

Medical insurance coverage has been going through many changes, and there may be more to come. If you find your insurance will not cover your Tops Surgery, there are options available to you.

Options When Insurance Won’t Pay

Credit unions: If you belong to a credit union or qualify for membership, most offer unsecured loans with fixed rates as low as 7%.

Home equity: If you own your home sometimes you can borrow as much as 85% of the appraised value. Interest rates can be as little as 3% or 4%. Interest rates are usually adjustable, and payments could increase dramatically. If you are not able to make payments, you could lose your home.

Care Credit: This Company is specifically set up for medical expenses. Dr. Delgado offers this option to his patients, but the interest rate is comparable to many credit cards at a rate of around 26.99%. However, if you can pay off the loan within 6 months, there is no interest charge.

Online personal loans: If your credit score is excellent there are online lenders such as Lending Club and Prosper that offer fixed, low percentage interest rates.

Crowdfunding: You may have heard of “GoFundMe,” this is a crowdfunding type program that has worked well for many people. They post their request on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The company takes a small percentage of about 5% of the donations that come through PayPal to you.

Grants: Foundations such as Community Kinship, and The Jim Collins Foundation offer grants for transgender people, the grants do not need to be repaid but require documentation and a detailed application will need to be filled out.

Fundraising: Some LGBTQ bars have been known to help with fundraising, they may donate a percentage of a nights bar sales or allow fundraising parties.

Credit cards: Using one or more credit cards is not the best choice as their interest rates can be very high and credit limits may be low. This may be an option if you can pay it off quickly and take advantage of an introductory offer with zero interest.

Family Loan: If you have a family member willing to loan you the money, this may be the lowest risk and most affordable option.

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